Why Foreigner Choose Turkish Properties?

Turkish real estate start growing since 2002 and got a large popularity among foreigners who are seeking a new life in a new country or trying to expand their investments aboard. İn 2013 foreigners bought 12.181 properties in Turkey. In 2018 the sales number expectations were 25,000 properties but the sales during the year exceeded the expectations and reached 40.000.

Why foreigner choose Turkish properties?

1. Affordable Prices

the prices are still lower than the price indexes of other countries

For investors that offers a good potential for capital appreciation over years

2. The continuous improvement of the infrastructure

Turkey invested in infrastructures along with modernizing the buildings, and now new homes buyers can expect the same standards of western countries

3. No reciprocal agreement

4. Quick and easy Buying process

5. Tax incentives and Citizenships

The government is offering excellent tax rates to foreigner buyers. Also, they have dropped the required amount of investment to get the citizenship to 250 thousand dollars making it one of the affordable countries to get citizenship through real estate investment

6. Turkish Lira Exchange Rate

Many people with foreign currencies choose to buy for this reason, experts say the TL will rebound in the long-term giving investors a profitable increase in capital

7. Cost of living

Foreign buyers looking for a permanent home prefer Turkey just because the cost of living in turkey is often lower than their home countries





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