Rent and Tenant Contract Management

After finding the right tenant and signing the leasing the contract, Erne International provides follow up the rental fees and collects it on behalf of the property owner. In case of dispute with the tenant, Erne International provides the legal assistance for collecting delayed payments and for eviction of the tenant.

After the rental period, if any repairs are needed, Erne International provides cost effective, professional and efficient repair to prepare apartment for the new tenant. Erne International also provides its Lease Management Service with comprehensive reports related to their property’s rental income. Related Erne International services are;

For the property owners who want to lease its property and find proper tenants with good lease terms

Property Value Reporting: Reporting of the property value in the market regularly

First Collection: Collection of first month’s rent and security deposit, retaining the security deposit

Rent Follow up: Following up the rent, warning tenants for uncollected

Legal Support: Supporting legally the property owner without additional fee with lawyer for unpaid rents.

Tax Calculation: Calculating annual income and property tax

Move Out lnspection Report: lnspecting and reporting the property before tenant move out on ERNE System

Tenant Eviction Management: Monitoring and managing the tenant eviction from the property

ERNE Self Service: Accessing ERNE system to monitor the service with username and password.

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