Leasing Management

We provide service to property owners who want to lease their property and find proper tenants within good lease terms. Erne International delivers leasing service with promoting the rental over relevant channels, finding good tenant candidates, preparing and signing the rental contract and finding the good tenants with competitive rent for a safe rent income for property owners with below details.

For the property owners who want to lease its property and find proper tenants with good lease terms

Property Value Reporting: Reporting of the property value in the market regularly.

lncome Projection: Annual rent income projection with consideration of rent, tax and other expenses.

Property Advertisement: Promoting the property in relevant channels for tenant selection.

Property Owner Preferrence: ldentifying lease and tenant expectations of the property owner in terms of rent, tenant profile ete.

Tenant Selection: Finding the correct tenant candidates related with preference and reporting the candidates.

Move in lnspection Report: lnspecting and reporting the property before tenant move in on ERNE System.

Lease Contract Preparation: Preparing the contract based on inspection report and lease agreement.

ERNE Self Service: Accessing ERNE system to monitor the service with username and password.

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