Furnished VS unfurnished; what’s the big idea?

The terms “furnished” and “unfurnished” might be self-explanatory but what exactly should you expect to face in each case?

Some owners highly invest in furnishing their apartments and these apartments are equipped with big-ticket items so that all you must do is to move in your personal belongings. But when you rent an unfurnished apartment, you’ll move into space with only walls.

Here are many factors you need to take into consideration when choosing between a furnished and unfurnished property. Like how important it for you is to have a personalized space, your plans and the period you are planning to use the property.

Furnished apartments cost significantly more than unfurnished but by comparing the cost of buying furniture with the rent difference to evaluate which option suits you best. You might rather want to pay more on rent in order to save a good deal of money by paying less on furniture.

If you have small children who are active and playful, renting a furnished apartment might not be a good idea, because damaged furniture will result in losing your security deposit. Also furnished apartments don’t always come with the right furniture for a kid’s room.

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