Facility Management

Erne provides facility management to property owners who would like to use the property by him/herself during temporary travels or pro-longed stay and needs to keep it ready to use anytime. That means requirements for the property in terms of utilities, tax needs to be fulfilled as it also needs to be cleaned and any kind of issue (water leak for example) periodically monitored and fixed when necessary. Below services are from Erne to be provided;

For the property owners who uses the property time to time and need support

Property Value Reporting: Reporting the property value in the market regularly

Transfer: Transfering the property owner to and from the airport

Property Owner Liabilities

  • Fulfilling the periodic payments (management fee, utilities ete.)
  • Fulfilling the periodic tax payments (property tax)
  • Fulfilling the mandatory and optional insurance (Earthquake insurance, property insurance ete.)

Property lnspection, Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Cleaning the property before and after visit
  • Ventilating and inspecting the property regularly

ERNE Self Service: Accessing ERNE system to monitor the service with username and password.

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