Erne International was established in 2014 and continues successfully providing real estate investment, development, architectural and interior design, property management services to its valuable clients from 48 different countries all over the world. Currently, Erne International is managing over thousands of multi-countries located different type of properties.

Property Management

Hands-free Property Ownership might be the biggest hindrance for an overseas property buyer because of limited knowledge of regulations, legislations and responsibilities regarding the purchasing process in a foreign country. In a competitive real estate market, Erne International leads the way through a 100% secure property purchasing, maintaining its facilities, renting it out and finally – benefiting from the increased value after the resale. All these procedures are followed up and executed by Erne International’s experienced and dedicated team. Erne International believes that its active involvement in the entire process of selecting, purchasing, handing over, maintaining, renting out and reselling greatly endears them to its valuable clients. Erne International welcomes any real estate investors or property buyers at any stage of investment. During the whole process many doubts or questions may arise. Therefore, Erne International:

  • Be always available and actively helpful at any stage of the property selecting, purchasing, maintaining, renting out or reselling process. Offer a comprehensive facility management service, especially for clients who do not want the headache of following up on fees and payments.
  • Offer an efficient rental management service package for clients who wish to benefit from their property without the hassle of finding tenants and deciding on rents.
  • Offer a competitive resale property management with maximum financial benefit.
  • Offer detailed, up-to-date, local and reliable market reports from independent data providers. All data will be user-friendly which enables easy comprehension.

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Purchasing Management

Erne International ensures customized solutions to every overseas property buyer such as property investment, permanent residency or even selection of a special holiday home. Erne International’s long-term experience, reliable relationship with a wide range of developers and profound knowledge of real estate market will ensure that every foreign client purchase top-quality, high-return properties from reputable and trusted developers with no hidden costs. The below offered services provide guaranteed customer satisfaction:

  • Right price guarantee
  • Leading legal processes until the free-hold property ownership delivery
  • Leading the financial processes by providing financial advices and 100% secure payment guarantee
  • Monthly construction progress reports provision
  • Price changes follow-ups and reports (regarding a specific property, district and city)
  • Region report provision (based on a chosen specific area’s demographic details linked with property price indices)

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Rental Management

If the property owner wishes to rent out the property, strong relationship with local lease networks enables Erne International to find the right tenant with the best market rate for rental income. Erne International ensures the accomplishment of an appropriate agreement, follows up the rental fees and collects it on behalf of the property owner. In case of dispute with the tenant, Erne International provides the legal assistance for collecting delayed payments and for eviction of the tenant. After the rental period, if any repairs are needed, Erne International provides cost effective, professional and efficient repair to prepare apartment for the new tenant. Erne International also provides its Lease Management Service clients with comprehensive reports related to their property’s rental income. Erne International Lease Management Service:

  • Finding the right tenant
  • The highest possible rental income guarantee
  • Accomplishment of proper agreement, collecting rental fees on behalf of the owner
  • Providing legal support in case of dispute with tenant
  • Property repair after the rental period
  • Reports of the rental market figures

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Resale Management

Erne International continuously monitors macroeconomic indicators and real estate market prices. Strong local and international networks allow to generate the best offers and determine the appropriate time to sell properties with the best return. The limited knowledge of regulations, legislations, obligations and responsibilities in the selling process abroad may be the biggest complication for overseas clients. Erne International leads all legal formalities and ensures a 100% secure selling process with the support of its experienced legal team. Overseas property sales require international financial transactions. Erne International leads the financial process efficiently and in a secure way, also providing its Resale Management Service clients with comprehensive reports related to their property’s property value. Erne International Resale Management Service will:

  • Ensure the best return on investments
  • Lead the legal process and finalize the resale
  • Ensure a 100% secure collection
  • Report current market prices
  • Provide new investment offers

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Contract Management

Overseas property buyers may face the struggle at the construction progresses in case of purchasing the off-plan project and signing the agreement with a third party. As an independent figure, Erne International visits the project periodically and reports to its clients the progress, providing up-to-date reports and photos. Periodically reported recent market prices of the client’s property enables the assessment of potential return. Overseas property buyers may experience miscommunication with developers and/or other intermediary parties. In these cases, Erne International ensures an appropriate communication, becoming “client’s eyes and ears”. The signed agreement does not guarantee risk-free process, because some articles may be an object to dispute. Erne International identifies and improves potential loopholes in the contracts made with developers and/or intermediary parties. If the dispute between overseas property buyer and developer and/or other intermediary parties arises, Erne International acts as a local support ensuring legal advices and dispute solving. Erne International Contract Management service includes:

  • Monitoring construction progresses
  • Up-to-date market prices reports
  • An appropriate communication with the developer and/or other intermediary parties
  • Identifying weak and strong points of an existing contract, and improving the weak ones
  • Resolving existing disputes

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Tenancy Management

Erne International offers professional Tenancy Management services only in the cities where it’s offices are located. Property owners often lives in a different city or even country than their rented properties are located. We take care of all the legal procedures, issues, problems, handle all the documents and provide consultations related to any tenancy questions that may arise to our client. Tenancy Management clients can enjoy their living in their rented properties and leave the tenancy questions and concerns to us.

Our legal team makes sure that there is no miscommunication between the property owner and the tenant and no misunderstanding of local regulations. All the tenancy related payment transactions are handled clearly through the bank and payment invoices are collected.

Erne International provides cost-effective, professional, efficient property repair solutions, and cleaning services to make Tenancy Management clients living careless and enjoyable.

We love helping our clients to become property owners after the end of their tenancy period!

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